Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to paint with kids

1 4-year-old
1 21-month-old
Plastic glasses
Paint holder
Protective gear (for the kids)
A lot of love

Step 1: Set up a table in the front porch for a change from the usual indoors. Bring a fan out because it'll get hot. If it's cold where you are, you might want to stick to indoors until summer.
Step 2: Prepare the paint and paper. I cut a standard artist's block four ways, so I get four little rectangular sheets. Instead of doing one big painting, I wanted to try out doing a series of small paintings with the girls. Always remember to use good quality paint and paper. Don't skimp just because they are kids!

Step 3: Get protective gear on (the kids). Washing out paint splattered outfit is NOT fun.
Step 4: If your kid wants to dress to theme, let her. Today, it is Pretty Chinese Scholar. Hey, it's my how-to.
Step 5: Have plenty of tissue ready to wipe little hands.
Step 6: Make sure you prepare a set of glass and brushes for each kid. They're NOT going to want to share and a snatching match for watercolour/paint water and brushes spells M-E-S-S!
Step 7: Let them use their hands if they want to. Just make sure your art supplies are non-toxic and safe for kids.
Step 8: Allow for little show-and-tell sessions as they work.
Step 9: Be prepared for all the paint to be mixed. Your pink may no longer be pink, and your orange will have a tinge of blue. Fastidious people who cannot stand things not being in their rightful order should stop reading right now. Horror inducing shots ahead!

Step 10: Be prepared to cart off the 21-month-old in tears (her, not you) because she simply CANNOT put her fingers in the paint and THEN on her face instead of on the paper. Yes, lots of tears and paint-splattering will happen. It might be a good idea to get protective gear for yourself after all. No picture for this step because I was busy carting off the 21-month-old to the kitchen sink.

Step 11: Stand back and admire the art work.
By Lauren
By Angelica
Step 12: Find a blank piece of wall and string up their pictures and a mini gallery is born! Have the kids write their names on a small rectangle and label their own paintings. If they're too young to write, write it for them or have the older child write it. Decorate with a cut-out dress if you must.
TA - DA!
The End. 
Thank you for reading. 
Next series of How-tos coming up!

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