Monday, July 19, 2010

The new me!

This is something that has been at the back of my mind for a while. It started way back when work started getting busier and crazier, leaving me with very little time to plan and execute my crafts...if I were to sustain a business. It would be totally impossible for me to churn out 30 blankets or 15 pairs of PJs a month, and that would be what I would need to do to fill orders. Something has got to give; I would have no time to blog, no time to play with the girls, no time for anything else. So in view of that, I made a simple choice, so simple that I’m surprised I let it niggle away at me for so long.

I will craft, but not for profit.

Besides, I just got a new batch of beautiful fabric (14 different fabrics!!!) that I am thinking of making into stuff for the girls’ room - pillowcases, garlands, more blankets, maybe even dresses, like the romper I made for Lauren for our beach holiday. Angelica has been asking for “dresses with puffs, Mommy!” (read puff-sleeved dresses) and I’ve been dying to make something from the vintage patterns I have.
So I think it’s time I took a step back and started learning - learn to do an inseam properly, learn how to draw patterns, learn how to make things from patterns, learn how to work with other fabric like silk, linen and voile, learn to style, learn things I didn’t know I didn’t know.
I want to make more meals for the girls. My Saturday Morning Breakfast series has been much neglected *sob*. Maybe I can include lunches and dinners.
I also want to bake more. How else will I get to use the multitude of cake tins and cake stands I have collected over the years?
I want to write more books with Angelica, and Lauren too, with her scribbles. I think she’s a writer, that one, just like her mommy!
I want to learn how to take great photographs. And learn Photoshop so I look like a better photographer than I really am. *Grin*
I want to work on a book project with my friend M, which will provide me with plenty of creative crafting opportunities.
I want to throw more parties. I love parties!
I want to redecorate my home. Wallpapers, new furniture, new design, the whole enchilada!
I want to start a writing project with my friend D. You hear me, D?
I want this blog to live up to its tagline, which is Baby, Party, Celebration and More, with the emphasis on the More!
So there you have it. The new improved and much enlightened me:)


Patronella said...

Don't you wish sometimes that there're more hours in a day or perhaps another you?

Elaine said...

All the time Pat:) more hours yes. Another me, no. haha!

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