Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Man, I would love to have these...

I am designing my dream workspace in my head, and would seriously love to have these pieces!
This is a vintage dentist cabinet that I could put my notions in - ribbons, thread, buttons, so many buttons, maybe even farbic swatches!
A vintage library card catalogue to keep crayons and such for the kids in the lower drawers and stamps, fabric paint and other art supplies for me in the upper ones.
This little darling of a chair and table set for Angelica.
This is too cute! For Lauren.
This little treat for me.
My fabrics would have a lovely home here, at least some of them!
Something to lounge on while waiting for inspiration to hit.
And I have always wanted an armoire. Isn't this perfect? My fabrics would love it here.
Now can someone tell me where I can buy all that in KL??

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