Friday, July 23, 2010

A little late, but better than never

This was supposed to be my World Cup post, so I am a *few* days late.

During the heart-wrenching match between Argentina and Germany (sniff), we let Angelica stay up to watch with us. She was real excited, even though she didn't really get the significance of the World Cup. It was more the "grown-up" thing she would be doing, staying up with mom and dad and watching something other than Playhouse Disney together.

Also, she gets to eat this...

and this...

The burger is from a burger stall down the road and the chips we bought from Marks & Spencers earlier. It was junk heaven to a kid.

Let me tell you about our famous burger stalls, homegrown right in sunny ol' Malaysia. They're also known as Ramly Burger, which is a local burger patty brand. The burgers are really simple, a store-bought patty (chicken or beef), cucumbers, sometimes tomatoes, lettuce and fried egg drenched in mayonnaise and chili sauce, sandwiched between two buns. Not exactly the healthiest of meals, but de-li-cious! We love them as much as we love our nasi lemak and roti canai. If it isn't already, Ramly burgers should be made a national dish.

We all know the outcome of that fateful night (GER 4, ARG 0, sob!), so at least we had our burgers.

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