Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little break

Sorry this post took a while. The photos were in many cameras and now they're finally downloaded to the Mac. I present our fun-filled trip to Port Dickson!!!

Our first stop was for lunch at Restoran Yit Hin in PD town. It is famous for its kampung chicken rice and super spicy chilli sauce.

We then checked in at Avillion Admiral Cove. It was an ok hotel, still fairly new and the rooms were decent. But it was brimming with tourists, which spoiled the atmosphere a little. It seems every few hours  there was a tour bus arriving. We saw busloads of tourists as we were checking in, as we went to the beach, as we came back from the beach, as we checked out. All in all, it lost the resort holiday feel. Though we had booked for two nights, we decided to cancel the second night and checked in at The Avillion Port Dickson instead. Woo hoo! 

The minute we stepped into the lobby, it feels like every muscle in my body started to relax. Wouldn't you relax at the sight of this?
And this?
And this???
The kids had a blast just in the lobby alone, playing with the dividers. 
Once the resort was sorted out (note to self: next time, just go straight to Avillion, it's the best!), we spent the rest of the holiday... 
Getting acquainted with Hermit the Crab...

Enjoying our water chalet...
Dipping in the pool...

My water babies!
Lounging by the beach...that's Lauren in the vintage-style romper I made for her.

Here's another shot of the romper. Just as I planned, it was the most handy thing for a beach holiday! It was her day romper, beach cover up and bib rolled into one! 

The kids totally loved the petting zoo, but it was a little disconcerting seeing all the kids at the resort descending upon the animals when the gate opened for feeding time. The animals didn't seem to mind though, and were enthusiastically eating the vegetables from the kids' hands. So all was good.

This peacock made a appearance on the beach while we were there. It was magnificent - regal and proud and aloof. We love Mr Peacock!

At night, we ventured out to the various seafood restaurants in the surrounding area. Food was decent and reasonably priced. The kids were a little tired and cranky from their beach and pool jaunts during the day, so dinner was usually a hurried affair. I didn't get to take much pictures, sigh!

I think I need another beach holiday real soon!

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