Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ice Cream Princess without Dumplings by Angelica

The dumpling story never got finished because Angelica got sick of me nagging her about it. So this is a story WITHOUT dumplings.

The princess loves ice cream. Then the rain clouds came and it rained. She went home.
A beautiful red sun came out and the rabbit was in the garden with two worms.
Then the princess went sailing and she saw two butterflies and a purple shark, and some seaweed.
She went home again and the butterflies stayed in the park. There were two trees and a flower. The worms are still there.
No book launch this time, but we chose a flowery cover for the story.

Note: All stories by Angelica in this blog are written verbatim as she tells them. I don't add, embellish or correct her language/plot/characters.


stacy said...

Is the shark in the story ala Z? :) It's a good shark!

Elaine said...

Z has a shark? Ya, I think this is a harmless shark:P

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