Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't you just love big packages with lots of goodies inside?

I bought these a while back on ebay. I used to scour garage sales and op shops in New Zealand when I was a student, looking for vintage clothes, bags and jewelry. I love Mad Men (the TV series) because of what they wear. Even the clothes I buy now have a hint of vintage to them, whether it is the print of the fabric, the cut or the style.
My good friend W helped me bring these back from the States (THANK YOU!!!) and seriously, it's like I just got a boxful of Christmas presents! A third of the patterns are for kid's clothes, which I shall try to make for the girls. As for the adult patterns, I will just have to drool over for now. One step at a time, people!


Monkee said...

Now that I know you like these I'll get some for you. I've seen this at markets when I was at Inverloch (for about $1 each, but it's 2 hours away, so too far to go back). If I see them again they're yours.

Elaine said...

Thanks Mabs!:) I could kiss you!

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