Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A weekend in Cameron Highlands

We took the kids to Cameron Highland's last weekend. It was nice to be where the weather is cool for a change, and the kids get to immerse themselves in the farmers' markets, touch and see actual strawberry plants, eat copious amounts of strawberries, see the way of life of a different town and eat fresh produce. What more could we ask for right in our own backyard, right?

My girls love strawberries, but this is the first time they've seen the plant. Heck, this is the first time I have seen the plant! They are planted in rows and rows of wooden benches.

We had the best steamboat! And it's all organic! The name of the shop is Cameron Organic Produce Sdn Bhd. They also sell organic vegetables. They use the traditional charcoal steamboat and the vegetables come out crisp, crunchy and sweet. And the mushrooms! Juicy and succulent. I could so become a vegetarian in Cameron Highlands!

The shop had delicious homemade sauces to go with the food. The ones with the Chinese characters are the organic versions. Both taste equally good!

My organic lime juice. Slurp!

We headed to the farmers' market the next morning. Marketing should be like this in KL - cool crisp mountain air and more fresh produce than the eye can see!

These are hybrid corns that they call "jagung mutiara", or pearl corns if directly translated. They are sweeter than conventional corn, and their kernels are white and yellow. The white look like glistening pearl beads from a distance, hence the name. The kids love them! If fresh enough, they can be eaten raw.

And then there are the strawberries...the fruits, the plant, and err...the other stuff...

I would have loved to bring these back, but they won't survive a minute in our heat. A picture will have to suffice.

Beware if you are bringing kids, because they will be sooo blindsided by these...
I tried to hide them from Angelica, to no avail. The minute she saw them, we started bargaining. I saw her eyes widen at the sight of the strawberry pillows, umbrellas, caps, bags, and I told her she could choose one thing to buy. It would just be cruel to deny her. Two, mommy? No, just one. You hear that, you evil strawberry merchandisers? 

So she chose a pink strawberry pillow for herself, and one for Lauren. Her grandmother declared that she could also have one thing from her, so two strawberry balloons were added to her loot, and then her father told her she could pick up some hairclips. 'Tis not easy to be strict mommy when the others are so indulgent. 

BUT, there was one strawberry thing that I wouldn't have minded buying, I saw a baby dressed as a strawberry and thought it would be cool if Lauren could be a strawberry too. I looked high and low through the mountains of keychains, magnets, socks, bandanas, but couldn't find it. Should have stopped the baby's mommy and asked. Perhaps I could make her one...


Yi Hwa said...

Omg Elaine,why so cruel? Poor Angelica dressed strawberry or issit Strawberry dressed Angelica? =.=;

Elaine said...

Haha, well, she loves strawberries...

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