Monday, April 12, 2010

The project that grew and grew

Remember Mr Pillow? It's a lot worse for wear now and Angelica won't let me touch it. The fabric is frayed beyond repair and no amount of flower patches could cover it up.
Drastic measures had to be taken. I brought Angelica to the room where I keep my fabric and told her she could pick ANY of them to make a new pillowcase with. Out came the precious kimono fabric, linens, vintage green florals, the last of the popular cherry blossom and a lot of pink stuff. She looked at me and said, "Can I have them all?"


I made her this.
It has cherry blossoms, linen, pink batik, green florals and the fabric I made their pajamas in. I should probably say that this is not just ANY pillowcase. It is a pillowcase for the old pillowcase. Yep, Mr Pillow is staying!
I also made one for Lauren.
Now how could I NOT make them a matching blanket right?
The kimono fabric and the other green floral could not fit on the pillows, so into the blanket they went.
I think she likes them.
The girls' first set of big-girl bedlinens. How exciting! They will have to share the blanket until I make Lauren her set.

The true test of great bedlinen is how beautifully they rumple up, which makes sense since they will probably stay in that state most of the time. So here goes...

Note: A number of people asked how big the blanket is. It's 60" by 80". The bed you see in the picture is a queen bed, and the blanket just about covers it. It is made to drape over a single/twin bed, which is what the girls will have once I sort out their rooms. So it can be for older kids or adults.

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