Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little Parisian chic on a Tuesday

I have been to Paris twice. The city of love? For some people perhaps. I find it my personal treasure trove for beautiful vintage finds. The first time I was there, maybe five or six years ago, I made my way to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, the biggest flea market in the city. You could find anything there, vintage furniture, vintage jewellery, old Parisian vinyl records, clothes, books, etcetera, etcetera. As I had literally just gotten off the flight, I was a little disoriented and not quite in the bargaining state of mind. I should have gone after I had gotten acclimatized to the city. But it was an adventurous jaunt nonetheless. After walking past many many stalls, I found this little shop that sold french tapestry. They had squares in various sizes, to be made into cushion covers, little pincushions, perfume pouches. I bought some, thinking to make them into something when I came back. Now they're stashed away somewhere; I need to hunt for them.

I stayed at a boutique hotel near the Pantheon, and loved the quaint little room I called home for a little over a week. I don't have pictures of it, but it was powder blue all around. It had built-in cabinetry (powder blue, of course, with white frames) that blended seamlessly into the room. There was barely enough space for a double bed, a lounging chair and a little writing desk, but it was the most practical and beautifully designed space I had been in. Now I really wish I had a picture! A lamp here, a little porcelain figurine there, a hand embroidered cushion nestled on the lounge chair, some inscription in French on the walls, a picture of a Parisian street scene rendered in a pencil sketch - everything came together perfectly. I was hooked. It was my little dream nook.

It is only now, many years later, after I started making things, and to some extent, nesting, that I think perhaps with my talent for invading space with things, I should take a leaf from the Parisians and go with my cluttering instinct, rather than fight it. They have a knack for permeating a space with beautiful things, and also permeating a space beautifully with things. And the colour! Divine! Besides, a house should look lived in and cosy, surrounded with things that the family loves, things acquired with the passage of time and love, things that tell the evolution of a single being into a family.

A beautiful apartment on the 8th district of Paris.

An fourth floor apartment in the l'avenue de l'Opera in the first district of Paris

An 19th century apartment along Rue la Boetle.

A gem in the 16th district of Paris.

An apartment overlooking the St James Club Gardens in the 16th district. 

A bookcase to kill for in an apartment on Boulevard St Germain.

An airy little place in the 4th district near Arts et Metiers metro station.  

Note: These apartments are for sale, so if you're thinking of relocating...:) 


Stace said...

I love the 4th floor apt and the little place in the 4th district:) I wanna go Paris too!

Elaine said...

Ya, and I also found a site that rents out apartments. We could do that instead of hotels...

dE said...

I wanna go back to Paris!!!

prince n princess mum said...

nice wor....

Elaine said...

Then go! bring Caitlin:)

Elaine said...

Then go! bring Caitlin:)

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