Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little crafting fun last weekend

You'll notice my blog posts to be a little sporadic lately; that's the result of working in spurts and bursts, grabbing whatever time I can in between the kids, work and life. Things will always get in the way, something more urgent is always round the corner demanding my attention.

That's the beauty of it. I work better because of the distractions, not in spite of them. I get my inspirations as I go about my chores, as I send Angelica to school, as I pick and choose my outfits for work, as I talk to my husband, as I wipe fruit off the floor while Lauren practices her projectile spitting. What I'm trying to say is I am who I am because of the people around me whom I love.

Last weekend, I had a sudden bout of diligence (and a pocket of free time) and set about making these.
They're blanket buddies! I'll be putting them up in the etsy shop soon. Each one is different as I cut from different parts of the fabric as I make up the pouches.
The first one.

The second one.

The third one.

This time I lined them with a fuschia orchid blossom fabric.

How about this one in blue batik?
The blue makes the red pop and vice versa. Too gorgeous!

The three smaller pouches are custom orders for someone special. My friend J wanted pouches to put her rosary in. So I modified my blanket buddy and made her these.

My instructions were: No big flowers and no tie dye! Perhaps a dash of orange. 
I used a stripey fabric (which has a nice mandarin shade in it) and lined it with a vintage rose print, in honour of the rosary. I'm sure she won't object to the flowers here. I chose a domed red button and paired it with red felt at the clasp. I am so loving this little pouch; it harks back to the Chinese period dramas that I watched as a kid, where ladies would wrap their precious jade bangles and gold rings in pieces of silk and hide them in the folds of their billowy dresses. Fabric pouches or squares were the accessory du jour of the time and it just appeals to the vintage-crazed inner me. The other two are for her husband and sister.

See what I mean about happy distractions? So go ahead, get distracted, you never know where it might take you:)
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