Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday morning breakfast

Last week, I saw these in the organic produce aisle and thought they were too adorable to pass up. Mini cucumbers! They were only the size of my fingers.

In the spirit of beautiful things, I decided to make something with the cucumbers and these pretty noodle sheets I had in the pantry. These are just like regular noodles, except made in little squares sheets, and the coloring is au naturel.

The recipe for this simple but beautiful noodle meal is:
Boil noodle sheets until cooked and set aside. Slice up the mini cucumbers. Fry garlic slices in sesame oil until fragrant. Add some shallot oil. Get the recipe here. Remove from heat after half a minute. Toss the noodles and cucumber in the oil and if you're serving adults, add fish oil/salt to taste. For the kids, I sprinkle with yeast flakes. Garnish with sesame seeds and dried parsley. This dish also makes a great salad for a barbeque. 


Food Gal said...

Now, that's an inventive way to wake up in the morning. I give you so much credit. Usually, all I can muster at that hour is toast and coffee. Not nearly as creative. ;)

Elaine said...

Thank you:)

Elaine said...

I tried this (with slight variation) for Evan today but he was sick so wouldn't eat anything. I liked it though! You're right, it makes a great salad.

Elaine said...

Hope Evan gets well soon!

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