Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday morning breakfast

On the menu today is another family favourite - egg soup! It is a yummy concoction invented by my mom. It's delicious for both adults and kids.

Originally, this dish takes five minutes, but because I added pasta, it'll take longer for the pasta to cook al-dente.

Fry chopped garlic in sesame oil until fragrant. Add egg (one egg per person, so add accordingly) and scramble lightly. At this stage, if I do it the way my mom does it, I'll add in water (one small soup bowl per person) and bring to boil. Add shallot oil and salt to taste and it's ready, a yummy tummy-warming snack.

For the girls, I add cooked quinoa pasta shells and arame (seaweed strips) and bring to boil. Instead of salt, I add nutritional yeast flakes. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and parsley and it's ready. 

The dish is versatile; you can add anything you want. My sister has her version here.

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