Friday, March 26, 2010

Oops, I forgot the pajamas!

That weekend post was way overdue; it was supposed to be up by Monday, but I've been running around like a mad woman the last few days trying to sort out my shop listing, finishing two orders of baby blankets and one adult bedspread. So finally everything is done, and I realised I forgot to blog about the pajamas! So here it is. If this week's postings seem a bit manic, that's because this week I am!

Now for some eye candy.

Strawberries and cream! I used this fabric in the Let Them Eat Cake blankets and thought it was too cool to not use on something else. I LOVE this! I can't stop looking at it - so beautiful!

Every detail is meticulously finished. I'm only showing one close-up, but all the pajamas have this detailing.

This is the lovely cherry blossom fabric that I used in the latest design of the Baby Blossom blanket (Design 3). A lovely addition to the nursery!

I'm a sucker for vintage-inspired prints and the following two pajamas are the result of that obsession. Absolutely old-school and absolutely gorgeous! When your babies are grown, they'll have a pair (or two) of lovely vintage keepsake pajamas.

And how about this to-dye-for tie-dye pajamas? (I couldn't help myself!) If you have That 70s Blanket, this would be the perfect match.

And of course, everyone's favourite, the little baseball people that I used in my This One's For The Boys collection.

Ok now, I shall leave you guys to ogle. The complete collection of my pajamas are up in the etsy shop. Excuse me while I recuperate. ZZZZZZZZ...

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