Thursday, March 4, 2010

I love tie-dye!

I am a closet hippie, because I love anything that has tie-dye designs on it. In the mid-90s, when fashion was all about pencil skirts and cardigan sets, all I wanted to do was schlep around in tie-dye T-shirts and dresses. Actually I still want to do that. There is something wonderfully carefree and free-spirited about the design - so random yet deliberate, such a strange combination of colours yet totally pleasing to the eye.

So when I spied tie-dye fabric in my favourite fabric shop, how could I resist? I bought all the colours they carried.

I present...That 70s Blanket! It is in a lovely sunshine yellow and features a gorgeous red-yellow-green-brown tie-dye design.

This is the blanket folded in half. I incorporated a very organic and earthy design - leaf appliques strewn randomly along the left length of the blanket. Very in keeping with the hippie spirit, no?

The leaf appliques up close. The blanket features ribbon tags in yellow and a beautiful leaf pattern.

Blanket measures 30" by 40" in a gender-neutral colour and perfect baby/toddler size. The listing will be up on Angelolli's Facebook page:).

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