Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Four Worms Come Out To Play - By Angelica

This is a story about four worms.

It was a sunny day, but also rainy. The worms came out.

One worm had a flower umbrella and the other a round umbrella. I don't know what happened to the other two.

They decided to go for a swim in the puddle.

Then a rabbit girl came out to play with them.

The End.

PS. "Writing" picture books is a great start to real writing: formulating a storyline, plot, characters. 

PS again. Children's book publishers out there, are you listenin'? I wouldn't mind a publishing contract, or 10!


Pinkity said...

Omai... Is that the beginnings of a writer I see here? BTW, loves the randomness of the story! And are you sure she's a rabbit girl? I'm thinking girl with pigtails! Kisses for your little angels!

Elaine said...

Ya, I asked her about the rabbit girl. She says it IS a rabbit girl:P You try reasoning with a 4-yr-old:P

Stace said...

I guess she's not scared of worms like the mom! :)

Elaine said...

ehem! guess not!

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