Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Blossom - New!

I started with the Baby Blossom blanket, but have since moved on with new designs. The square patchwork design is so very vintage; it brings me back to afternoon naps on my grandmother's bed under the whirring ceiling fan.

The few Baby Blossom blankets that I made have all found loving homes, so when someone requested for another one, I decided to change it slightly. I made the squares bigger and substituted certain parts of the blanket with different fabric in the same colour family. The Thai silk remains, because the fuschia is so striking against the green and cream. The backing is now Japanese cotton as well, which I did not have when I made the first batch. I also made a little border of the same patches, to give it a vintage feel.

Bigger square patches with topstitch detailing and hand tying.

I added a little border.

Backed by striped Japanese cotton that washes up and rumples beautifully.

Hand tied with cotton embroidery thread in certain places for the unique handmade look.

A nice vintage addition to baby's nursery, don't you think?

The new, improved Baby Blossom blanket. The larger squares give it a contemporary look, while the blend of fuschia, blooms, green and cream says vintage.

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