Monday, February 1, 2010

What I have in my pantry

These are some of the things I keep my fridge/kitchen stocked with for the kids' meals.

Broccoli, always healthy and how about that cancer-fighting oomph?
Cauliflower, nutritious and sweet when steamed or boiled.
Tomatoes, all that lycopene! Great for soups and pastas.
Seaweed, I have kombu, wakame and arame for boiling, garnishing, cooking. Full of minerals.
Garlic, another cancer-fighting superhero. It also has anti-bacterial properties and does wonders for the immune system.
Pasta, there's no end to the variety of meals if you have pasta on hand, especially with little kids. It's easy for little hands to handle and great as little snacks while you're preparing a meal. This is one of my top meal bases, next to rice, noodles and oatmeal.

This was last Saturday's lunch made with the above ingredients. If you have been reading my blog, you will notice I make a lot of meals with them, with a little variation here and there. This was a Chinese-style soupy pasta with vegetables, or vegetable soup with pasta. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Boil broccoli and cauliflower until cooked. Scoop out and use the same water to boil the pasta. Once pasta is cooked, strain and set aside.
Saute garlic slices in sesame oil and add tomatoes. Cook for a while. Add a cup of chicken soup. (I usually have a small crockpot of chicken soup on hand for the girls to drink with their meals. For a cool chicken soup recipe, go to this blog.
Add the cooked broccoli,cauliflower and pasta and let boil for a while.

The chicken soup is very flavourful, so there is no need for any salt. I sprinkle sesame seeds and a little parsley and Lauren's lunch is done.


Tasteandshare said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. A really healthy meal for the whole family. I feel hungry now!


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Elaine said...

Thank you for dropping by:)

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