Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday morning breakfast

Last weekend was a mad weekend. Which means posts! Let's start with good ol' Saturday morning's escapade.

For various reasons, I was left alone with the two kids. And there's nothing more challenging than cooking breakfast in time for two rumbling tummies. Usually, there's someone around (daddy, grandma, aunt) to help me entertain them while I whip something up. Well, last Saturday, it was just me, myself and I. between turning on the TV, making sure Lauren is not tangled up in some wires somewhere (she is OBSESSED with electrical cords) and getting Angelica her water (I am SO THIRSTY, MOMMY!), I made them a quick breakfast of noodles and eggs. Sorry, no time to take fancy nancy pictures of that! But you've seen it before anyway, here.

After the girls are fed and cleaned, help finally came!

SO...I raided my fridge for dragonfruit. I bought some organic ones last week, and have been meaning to blend them for the girls. This is an incredibly easy, refreshing drink that is FULL of vitamins. Yes yes, I am going a little overboard with the CAPS lock, but I'm telling ya, it was manic last weekend!

I cut the fruit in half, peeled it and roughly cut it into cubes. Then I just put everything in the blender and 5 seconds later, a cool refreshing drink!

Just what the three of us need on a crazy Saturday morning!


dE said...

you're taking very nice photos now :)

Btw Caitlin is obsessed with electrical cords, wires, powerpoints and all too!!!

Elaine said...

Yes, Lauren will use them as necklaces. And of course stick her finger into the socket points.

Celine Yong said...

my son loves gragon fruit too!!!!

Elaine said...

Have you tried blending it into juice! YUMMY!

gabbyellemae said...

Your post looks absolutely delicious! But I'm uber confused? My dragonfruit flesh is all white. How did you get that purple hue to it without adding anything else?

Elaine said...

Hello Gabby,
Whereabouts are you? HEre in Malaysia, we have the white and red variety of dragon fruit. I used the red one to make this. Nothing added:)

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