Monday, February 8, 2010

A really lovely wedding

Sunday was M's wedding. A perfect roundup to a manic weekend for me. I got to finally heave a sigh of relief as the stress of decorating was finally over, and I spent time with some old friends catching up.

M had been chatting online with me on and off over the years; our topics of conversation ranged from me asking her numerous questions about websites and such (she's a whiz at all things food, web and design, find her blog here), to talking nonsense to photography. Some time last year, she saw my party post and asked whether she could borrow the bunting I made. Sure thing!

Some time last year also, she suggested a few templates for my blog, and offered to do it for me. Woo hoo! I told her if she did that for me, I'll customise a bunting for her wedding. So the deal was made.

Some time THIS year, this conversation happened:
E: Holler if you need help with the decor etc

M: I may. I may. What sort of info do you need?

E: For the party? Err...colour scheme? What you're serving.

M: How about this elaine, you draw up a plan on how you decorate and tell me how much you charge. I can send u photos of the place now and themes that I like. Hmmm why don't I send an email to the owner now, and say that you're my wedding planner. Then you see what you need to do.

E: OMG, you're making me nervous

And so that's how it happened. The above has been edited for brevity, but you get the gist.

SO...I drew my first draft. M was wonderful, coming back with countless ideas. I must say most of the wedding stuff was her idea, I just helped execute it.

After three weeks of planning and running around like a mad woman, our labour comes to fruition:)

The colour theme was chocolate cream and canary yellow. The table setting was M's idea: lace runner topped with checkered fabric which I made. Yellow napkins topped with a paper doily and a handmade fortune cookie. Cookie made by moi and fortunes chosen by M.

Full table. Sorry, the lighting is a bit off. Still struggling with that ISO crap.

The venue was an intimate cafe/restaurant. The white chairs and wooden floorboards were so right for M's colour theme, don't you think? Do you see my bunting by the windows?

Now with the food table set up.

Lovely sign that M made. Food was delicious!

How about them brownies? LOVE these.

These are the yummiest orange coconut cakes ever! Really!

And what's a wedding without tarts?:P Sorry, couldn't resist.

And last but not least, the beautiful wedding cake and cupcakes, in yellow of course! Love the bird cake toppers! (PS. see my buntings?:P)

Thank you M, for letting me be part of your special day!


Monkee said...

Thanks E. for helping us make the day so beautiful and so perfect. love the photos! (Oh, I can also adjust the white balance of the first few photos for you on Photoshop if you like me to!)


Elaine said...

You're very welcome. Ok, sending those photos to you:P hahaha

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