Thursday, February 11, 2010

New pyjamas for Chinese New Year!

My mother would always make sure we had new pyjamas every Chinese New Year. Even after we were married with kids, if we are home for the festivities, she would make sure to go and buy sets for each one of us, spouses included. It's a Chinese thing, new pyjamas for the new year.

The pyjamas she got were usually made in China, of cotton material that got softer and better with every wash. My sister swears by her pyjama pants to lounge around the house in.

The last couple of years, I wasn't in my hometown for Chinese New Year. I spent Chinese New Year in KL as I will again this year. Every year, I leave it to the last minute to hunt down pyjamas for the whole family. I go to hypermarkets, pasar malams and as a last resort, department stores. Sadly, I could never find pyjamas in the kind of cotton we had when we were kids. The material is usually some nasty polyester/cotton blend, or ultra-cheap cotton that falls apart after a wash. Where are the made-in-China cotton pyjamas of my childhood?!

So this year, in Tim Gunn mode, I was determined to "make it work". I had some nice vintage flower prints in Japanese cotton that I got from my fabric hunt in Singapore. I had my mother-in-law's family pyjama pattern. What was I waiting for?



PS. When Angelica was born, my mother-in-law took some baby pyjamas belonging to my husband when he was a baby (yes, she kept them), and had pyjamas made for her from the same pattern. So both Lauren and Angelica have "family pyjamas". How cool is that?

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