Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's time for some stylin'!

I worked in magazines for nearly five years. And during that time, I never picked up a camera or did anything creative. Shoots were going on left right and centre. We had a huge studio in our office, with four separate shooting rooms. Fashion and beauty writers were forever shooting products, people, props. Once in a while, I will pop in the studio to see my magazine's shoots, but that's all I did...see. I never got my hands dirty, so to speak. Now I wish I had. Learnt about camera angles, lighting, framing, styling. Ironic, right?

But magazine life was also hectic, manic and crazy.

Now that I have left, I finally have room in my head for a little creative expression.

So now I am teaching myself how to use the camera.

I'd like to think that I absorbed some styling skills, even if just by osmosis, from being around so many creative people for so long.

This weekend, I attempted a little shoot at home.

Boy bedroom with boy blanket and boy bunting.

Girl bedroom with girl blanket and girl bunting A.

Girl bedroom with girl blanket and girl bunting B.

Ok, what...


dE said...

nice! i spy trina. didn't know you had the chat noir print too :)

Elaine said...

I got that from Paris ages ago! When I was still at the magazines:P

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