Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Chinese New Year, Baby!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve, or as it's most popularly known to people who celebrate it, 30th night.

I still have tons to do, but these are already in the bag!

A basket of oranges! Check!

Vintage-style glass canisters for holding goodies! Check! None of that nasty plastic stuff.

Steamers used to steam yummy cakes. Not by me, of course...courtesy of the girls' grandma. Check!

Cakes wrapped in aluminium foil, ready for the guests. Check! Excuse the messy fridge.

What's CNY without sinful treats. Two kinds of pineapple tarts, pistachio nuts, some cracker type things from Taiwan. Check!

More goodies! Cuttlefish, more stuff from Taiwan. The wheat cracker is my weak attempt at some semblance of healthy snacks for the kids. Healthy snacks for the kids, check!

Ahh, Kuaci! Melon seeds. Now there are all sorts of flavours for melon seeds?! I think that green side is green tea flavour. Also from Taiwan. And what do you know, another jar of pineapple tarts. I love them! Check!

Hamper from Eu Yang Sang from Angelica's godfather. I be using the basket to store my sewing notions:P

Decorations to hang on the Chinese New Year tree. Told ya there was one! Check!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone:)


dE said...

i love love love the white vintage tiffin carrier you have there - can still buy these kinds ah??

Elaine said...

I got that free. Simon's friend gave it to him. But I am pretty sure it can be found here. Just have to go looking. You want?

dE said...

if you happen to see one let me know - but no need to make a special trip :)thanks

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