Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Chinese New Year, Baby! - Part 2

Last Saturday was 30th night, the night before Chinese New Year. It's the day we clean the house, put up decorations, cook up a feast for the family reunion dinner and prepare treats for the New Year.

I got these decorations from Jusco, little amulets and trinkets with various auspicious symbols.

A gold nugget to symbolise abundant wealth for the year. 

Angelica hard at work decorating the Chinese New Year tree, which is a bunch of pussy willows in a vase.

Lauren too...

...until I discovered she was actually plucking the blooms off the pussy willow! 

Our lovely Chinese New Year tree! Those are pom-pom flowers that I made hanging from the ceiling.

A basket of oranges. I really should take the wrappings off, but I had no time. When they're off, the whole room is infused with a refreshing citrus scent.

Angelica helping me fill my glass jars with snacks, or as she calls them, junk!

All filled up!

I love my vintage-style glass jars. Angelica now has a little tuck shop to man, although I think she's doing more eating than selling.


Sorry, I can't help it; another gratuitious picture of my glass jars. From left: Assorted rice crackers, oven-roasted cashew nuts, bak-kua (dried meat, a quintessential Chinese New Year delicacy) and pistachio nuts (whose name in Mandarin means happy nut).

The star of the show (my show, anyway) pineapple tarts. We have four varieties this year! Perfect with a scalding hot cup of Chinese tea. Featuring Mandarin Orange by Angelica:P

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, work was under way for a lavish dinner.

Curry, char siew, fried noodles, prawns, steamed fish, vegetables and a whole leg of pork. The candles are not for Valentine's day; they are to keep the pesky flies away:P

A close-up of the leg of pork, great with ground chilli and garlic sauce.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Patronella said...

Thank you for sharing. I love your vintage jars too. Where did you get them? I love your side table too and is that a daybed in the background? I just love dark vanish on furniture. Happy Chinese New Year. Your girls are so cute.

Patronella said...

Oh... and luurve the pom pom flowers!

Stace said...

Save some pineapple tarts for me, pleasssseee!

Elaine said...

Hi Pat,
Your Maya looks lovely in this pic! Growing up so fast too. Yes, that's a day bed, that i use mostly to keep the kid's toys:P Most of my furniture has a dark varnish, i was going through a dark varnish stage haha. I got the jars in Ampang...had to search high and low for them. Let me know when you're in KL next, I can bring you.

Ing, you better come back fast them cos there's no guarantee there's gonna be any left:P Unless you barter with acar.

stacy said...

Alrittee... acar for the pineapple tarts! They better be good... :)

Yeah.. and love the vintage jars!! :)

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