Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finicky mom, me?

When I first had Angelica, my maternal instincts kicked into full gear, and then some. Anyone who wanted to touch her must basically sterilise themselves first, twice preferably. It was like a warzone whenever we went out. I had an arsenal of disinfectant sprays, wet wipes, tissue and more wet wipes. I was like a mad woman, cleaning everything that she could possibly touch - restaurant high chairs, tables, spoons, cups. Do you know how hard it is to keep a baby/toddler from NOT touching anything?! If someone dared to sneeze or cough near my baby, I would jump a mile and then give him/her the evil eye. It wasn't fun to be around me, man!

I eased up a little as she grew, realising a little dirt and run-of-the-mill household germs never harmed anyone (but I would still wipe it off immediately). I eased up more when Lauren was born. Heck, her daddy was even allowed to carry her without putting on a full-body bib.

BUT, I still don't like their things touching stuff when we're out. When we travel, I would stuff their little pillows and soft toys in a pillow case to prevent them coming into contact with a chair, or whatever. Their pacifiers would be in their little plastic covers/containers. It's just more hygienic that way. Don't you agree?

So, guess what I made?

Something to wrap their little blankies in...and double up as a changing pad...

...for when we go out, or go travelling...

...to be tucked away in the nappy bag...

Don't you just love accessories for your accessories?


thatlastslice said...

Your entries are so exciting and inspirational, elaine! i feel like opening up an Etsy account right now hehe

Elaine said...

Thank you:)! Why don't you? With your designs stuff. You should!

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