Sunday, January 10, 2010

The girls' favourite noodles.

Actually, make that my favourite noodles. This is the noodles of my childhood, something my mother would whip up at a moment's notice for breakfast. My siblings and I would come down to the wafting aroma of garlic gently frying in hot oil and the salty smell of the fish sauce she would toss the noodles in. It's a really simple recipe. Fry garlic in oil and pour onto plate. Add fish sauce to taste. Cook egg noodles and drain. Toss noodles in garlic oil and fish sauce. Garnish with spring onions. As we grew up, my mom would sometimes substitute garlic oil for the equally fragrant shallots oil, and light soy sauce for fish sauce. To us, it's the same difference.

My eldest has had the original recipe cooked for her, but because I haven't introduced salt to the baby's diet yet, I follow the same recipe, but omit the fish sauce for its saltiness. The egg noodles I use has a tinge of saltiness to it, and the garlic oil is so fragrant that it was alright, tasty enough for the older kid and wholesome enough for the baby.

The omelette has capsicum, onion, garlic and parsley, enough vitamins to balance the plainness of the noodle.

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