Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's a very Minnie birthday!

My sister and I had 24 hours to pull this party together! Yes, WORST PLANNING EVER! All I thought about was having it on the actual birthdate, which I realised too late was a weekday. Sure, I was on leave, but everyone else wasn't! So it ended up a family-only affair. Of course, that wasn't the only reason...super planner that I am, I squeezed in a trip the weekend before the party, and because I had been so busy clearing work before my Christmas leave, I had forgotten to tell people to save the date. So, here I was, back from a back-breaking shopping trip, with one day on my hands to do this, and I thought, don't people just LOVE getting an invitation to a birthday party one day before the, FAMILY it is!

But that doesn't mean we had to skimp on any of the party stuff! Besides, Angel is four; all she'll care about is that there is cake and presents, oh, and high-heeled shoes. Scroll further down the page for that story.

The theme: Minnie Mouse!

The drinks: I went with soya bean, bright pink present paper and hand-drawn Minnie silhouettes. (I just realised I forgot to draw Minnie's ribbon, so technically, these are Mickey silhouettes.)

And of course, Minnie ears! These were easy: ears cut out of black paper and wrapped around generic hairbands. Everyone had to wear one. So maybe it was a good thing it was only family.

This is our photo backdrop. I recycled the bunting for Lauren's party and used it on the backdrop this time. LOVE it!

I glued present paper on manila cards and cut out letters of her name... make her very own name banner.

Then there is the very Minnie cake. Traditionally, Minnie wore red with white polka dots, but this was Angel's party and she can have pink if she wants to.

Ahhh, the story of the high-heeled shoes. Remember Minnie had those pumps? Well, Angel insisted on having Minnie Mouse Shoes as well. I had to cross an ocean to find this, man! Ok, it was just to Singapore, but water was crossed, passports stamped. I found it in Monsoon (or was it Accessorise?). Isn't it perfect? And pink too!

Finally, the fruits of our labour.

And what would a party be without Minnie Mouse-esque cupcakes???

It's a good thing her favourite colour is pink, because that is the easiest colour to find sinfully sweet treats in. That and chocolate. (What is wrong with this country?)

After a night of partying (which includes prancing around in her fluffy tutu/skirt and twirling precariously on her heels every 15 seconds), the birthday girl decided to give her feet a rest. "No, my feet are not painful, Mommy, I just want to rest the shoes." Out of the mouth of babes.

Finally, a treat for the adults. The kids are all coming down from their sugar high and nodding off. We broke out the Monopoly set and vied to be the next Donald Trump.

No Disney characters were harmed in the making of this party.

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dE said...

wow - what a great party and love them shoes! I want one for myself!!

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