Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This month there are three birthday babies in the family, L, Z and S. So it was a triple celebration!

The theme: Superheroes!

The superhero cupcakes were a hit!

We made skewer flags with white paper and sticker paper from which we punched out stars with a craft punch.

Costumes for the girls: Wonder Girl and Wonder Baby. I glued white felt stars on a red onesie for L. A's outfit was made with a red strip sewn onto her white singlet and navy shorts. A pair of handless gloves was cut in half and became the girls' wonder boots. I also made capes for the girls, with their initials on it.

Party packs for the kids made with used folders from work and downloaded superhero colouring pages. The Superman logo was also downloaded and printed and pasted on the folders. We got them colouring sets from the store down the road.

The Superheroes drinks section. Rootbeer for the adults, Ribena for the kids. The label reads: Drink for extra power! Superhero logos were downloaded from the net.

The cloth bunting I made for the party. Nothing superhero about it, I just thought it was nice:) And reusable!

This is how late we worked to get everything ready, the night before the party.

On the day itself, the aroma of chicken soup and so mien (long life noodles) wafted through the house, courtesy of grandma. This is traditional birthday fare for the birthday man/boy/girl. A huge chicken drumstick with noodles and soup and two hard-boiled eggs. Good stuff!

The food of superheroes, hamburgers! (Or at least we think so.)

The spread: Superhero burgers, satay, fish nuggets, cocktail sausages and fries. The brunch of champions.

The colouring station for the kids. Two huge pieces of mahjong paper to protect the floor and off they go!

The birthday babies, Super Boy and Wonder Baby. See our beautiful pink backdrop?

Baby L with the Wonder Cape I made for her. Fancy Schmancy!

Not too shabby for a starter party? We were tired for a week after the party, but it was worth it! Many more to come!


even said...

hey elaine,
u really a SUPERMUM!! enjoyed reading your blog, please get more rest super mummy!


Elaine said...

Hey, I only saw this now! haha. How are the kids? We should have lunch together soon.

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