Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fairy tales - the Disneyfied version

Playhouse Disney is wreaking havoc with the classics!

On Sunday, I saw the poster for the movie The Princess and The Frog and asked A whether she would like to see it. She says this: "I already know the story, Mommy. Once upon a time, Princess Daisy lived in a big castle and there was a frog. Princess Daisy didn't want to kiss it because she didn't know it was a Donald frog. The end."

Courtesy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's Donald the Frog Prince.

Today, I tried to tell her about Aladdin and the Genie, and she says this: "Oh yes, Crow rubs the magic lamp that Dibo (the GIft Dragon) gives him and Dibo comes out!!!"

Courtesy of Dibo the Gift Dragon.

I am almost afraid to bring up Little Red Riding Hood.

Dibo's picture from www.awn.com
Donald's picture from www.ultimatedisney.com

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