Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Yummy Goodness

For Lauren's meals, I batch steam a few vegetables/fruits during the weekend and freeze them in ice cube trays. During the week, I just take out the cubes and mix them as I please.




I have done sweet potato + barley + cereal, cauliflower + cereal, cucumber + cauliflower + cereal, etc.

She's eating more and more variety of foods now, and I have replaced store-bought cereal with quinoa flakes and brown rice (which I blend into powder and cook like oatmeal). Next up, oatmeal. I have also started giving her chicken soup with her meals. Sometimes she drinks the soup on its own, sometimes I blend it into the purees.

Last week, I introduced fish into her diet, for protein. She likes it when I mix it with sweet fruits like mango (her favourite) and apple. I guess it takes away the fishy taste.

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