Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I just came back from the paediatrician's (for Angel, not myself!) and he handed me the mandate: no more than TWO HOURS of TV for Angel.

Almost immediately, I experienced flashbacks of:
- me switching on the TV when she wakes up, so she'll be occupied while I catch a couple more snoozes.
- me telling her to turn on Barney and Friends so that I can prepare dinner.
- Angel glued to Playhouse Disney for hours and being able to tell me the order of all the half hour programs.
- Angel falling asleep to the drone of Little Einsteins, which she had been watching for a couple of hours to lull her to sleep.
- me thinking there's nothing wrong with her watching too much TV.


Dr Paediatrician says a new study just came out to say watching more than TWO HOURS of TV affects their gross and fine motor skill development, their social skill development AND their brain development by 10%. 10 PERCENT! That is A LOT. But who's panicking. ME, THAT'S WHO!

So now there's a new rule in the house - Angel can watch 4 cartoons in a day, each of them half an hour long.

It's Day Three of TWO HOUR TV. So far, so good.

Day One - I made her sit at the dinner table with her dad and I and do colouring and 'homework'. Homework is her learning to write numbers and letters in some great workbooks I got her from Popular.

Day Two - She helped me prepare my materials for my patchwork projects. She squirted water on the fabric while I ironed.

Today is Day Three. I went all over the place looking for a sewing kit for her, so she can sew with me, but ended up with a beading set. Sigh.

OK, some good must come out of this. It means adults (ME) making more of an effort to spend time with the kids rather than just conveniently sticking them in front of the idiot box. NOW I know why they call it an IDIOT BOX! IDIOT (ME)!

Fellow parents, you have been warned!

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