Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why did Angelica cross the street?

After months of grilling it into Angel that she absolutely cannot cross the street without holding my hands, or run out onto the streets from our driveway, it finally comes to fruition.

Angel: Mommy, I cannot cross the streets without you right?
Me: Yes, and why is that?
Angel: (earnestly) Because if I do, a car will come. Then it will bump me. Then I will be dead.
Me: (flustered) Well, not exactly like that, but just hold my hands when we're crossing to the park ok?
Angel: So I will not die?
Me: No, you will not die. We just want to be careful.
Angel: Ok.

I swear I did not tell her she will die. Must be those damn cartoons.


lifestudent said...

I was surfing around to find help with my 9-month old baby's new bedtime problems and your blog popped up (I think because you talked about sleep training here and there).

Just thought I'd say hello!

Elaine said...

Hi there,
Thank you for dropping by. Hope you found help with your baby's sleep.

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