Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gone coco!

Lauren turned 6 months recently and has been inducted into the world of SOLIDS! So exciting...for me! On my sister's and the Baby Whisperer's advice, I fed her only rice cereal for three weeks. Just this week I started pureeing apples to add to her cereal. And yesterday, I started feeding her coconut oil. A friend told me the benefits, that it surpassed even cod liver oil in terms of boosting the child's immune system. I tried it with Angel when she was two, but she was at that picky food age when she refuses anything new, so I gave up. Now she is drinking cod liver oil.
So with Lauren, I gave her half a baby spoon yesterday. She did poo many times, but they were normal poo, not the soft tummy-ache poo. Will try again today and watch for reactions. Check out an excerpt from this book.

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