Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Field Trip!

Angel had her first field trip yesterday. Aquaria. So much preparation, excitement, anticipation, anxiety - and that's just on my part!

The night before, I carefully packed her newly bought knapsack (I bought one that wouldn't hurt her little back from carrying it the whole day), slipped both mine and her daddy's cards into it and grilled her countless times like this:

Me: What's mommy's name?
Angel: Elaine.
Me: What's Daddy's name?
Angel: Simon.
Me: What's your name?
Angel: Angelulu. I mean, Angelica (giggle).
Me: What do you do when the teacher says, "Where's Angelica?"
Angel: (Jumping up and shouting) HERE I AM!
Me: Good.

Then I prayed to God to keep her safe.

When FIELD TRIP DAY DAWNED, I sent her off to school as usual, then hightailed my way home so I could get ready to go to Aquaria. Yes, you heard right.

I arrived at 10.30. The place opens at 11. To my dismay, Aquaria was pretty empty. What? No pillars to hide behind? I carefully made my way to the entrance, all the time watching out for Angel and her school group. They were not there yet. I stood behind a chair at Starbucks and waited. The waiter looked at me.

When they arrived at 10.50, I scrambled to stay out of sight. I was afraid that if she saw me, she'd want to come home with me. I weaved in and out between the tourists who were also there waiting to go into Aquaria. The teachers were bringing the kids to the toilet, and they would walk right into me!

I turned and walked quickly towards to food court and hid behind the escalator. The man having his breakfast at the next table stared at me from the corner of his eyes. I gave him a wry smile and turned back to the kids. They filed two by two to the toilet. Angel was holding hands with an older girl and her teacher. I am biased, but she is the cutest kid ever!

She turned her head in my direction and I ducked fast! The man was now openly staring at me. After about one minute, I peeped and saw that they were gone. OK, she should be alright now. Her teacher was holding her hand firmly and she seemed happy.

And I should probably stop freaking the man out.

Yes, I have become those parents that spy on their kids.

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