Sunday, April 26, 2009

Angels to talk to me

This is a conversation I had with Angel just hours ago.

Angel: Mommy, I want two angels to talk to me.
Me: You mean your guardian angel?
Angel: No, not those ones up in the clouds.
Me: You mean the ones in heaven.
Angel: Yes, up there. (Pause) I want two angels so I can talk to them. Like me.
Me: You mean angels who are the same age as you and look like you?
Angel: (Nods vigorously)
Me: Well, there are angels all around. Sometimes your friends in school can be angels.
Angel: No, they're not.
Me: What if you wait for your sister to grow up and you two can talk to each other all day long.
Angel: Sure, Mei (sister) will grow up soon and we can talk (Mommy is super surprised at this sentence:P), but right now I want two angels to talk to!
Me: Ok, how about you talk to your friends first?
Angel: Alright. I want to watch TV now.

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