Friday, March 27, 2009

The pages of their lives.

Ever since Lauren was born, I kept a diary of her feedings, sleeping time and milestones. I did the same for Angel. It's part of the E.A.S.Y. schedule advocated by The Baby Whisperer.

With Angel, I recorded her milestones - when she first turned, ate her toes, sat up, crawled, walked, etc. It got interesting when she started learning signs. I would record which signs she understood, and later which signs she made.

When she started talking, that's when the party really began! I would record words that she said. It would start off as one word every week, then every two to three days. Then she picked up a new word every day. Then words became sentences!

I lost track when she really started talking, for that is also when she started walking, running and generally being mobile. By the time the day ended with her going to bed, I would be too tired to try and remember what new words she spoke that day.
I would find time at the end of every week to sit down and rack my memory for her antics that week. Then I decided to just record everything. The camera went with me everywhere. I would record her rolling a ball, saying things like, "Actually, Mommy, I am hungry" or "Not really". Hey, these are fascinating words coming from a toddler who was barely 1.5 years old!

Now with Lauren, it's still mostly how much milk she is drinking and what time she sleeps at night. But there are still a lot of empty pages in my notebook. I can't wait for "actually"!

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