Thursday, January 15, 2009

It takes 10 tries.

Bringing up my daughters means taking care of their body, mind and soul. As a first time mom with Angel, I depended a lot on books. With Lauren, I have the mistakes I made and experience I gained from Angel, so it is slightly easier, but hard nonetheless. At first I thought this blog would be all about the books I read on parenting/nurturing. But I think I also need to talk about something that has become a real concern lately - Angel's food.

When she was younger, food wasn't a problem. She ate whatever I put on the table. She has never been a big eater, and can be a little fussy even. However, in the last few months, she got even fussier about food, willing to eat only certain foods.

It doesn't help that she has a grandma who adds to the problem. Most books will tell you it takes 10 tries for a kid to like a certain food. Every time Angel rejects a food, her grandma would condemn that food, never cooking it for her anymore, or making a comment each time I try to give her the food again. "Angel doesn't like this, Angel doesn't eat that." If she did like something, she would keep cooking that dish, again and again, and voila! Angel gets sick of it and ends up not liking that too. Ah, to slap!

As I am home a lot nowadays, I found out Angel usually eats only rice and soup for lunch, since she "doesn't like" a lot of food, according to someone. Where is she going to get the nutrition she needs? So I started cooking for her myself. Not every day, just certain meals.

I have Jessica Seinfeld's much lauded book, Deceptively Delicious (yes, I always hit the books when I need to solve a problem). It talks about pureeing vegetables and sneaking it into your child's food. Annabel Karmel is one cookbook I already have when I started introducing solids to Angel, but I found the recipes a little basic. I also have Amanda Grant's Baby & Toddler Healthy Eating Planner. This talks about food from infant to 4 years old.

I have cooked a few times using the recipes above. Sometimes she eats them, sometimes she doesn't, but I'll keep trying. Remember, it takes 10 tries.

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