Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Puzzle mania

Since I am a jigsaw puzzle buff myself, one of Angel's first toys were two wooden story puzzles I got for her on one of my overseas working trips.

These puzzles are done in 3 layers, with each layer telling part of the story. I started to let her play them when she stopped putting everything in her mouth, which is when she was around 1.5 years old. In the beginning, I would put together the puzzles for her, telling her where everything went and she would just play around with the pieces.

Then she started to take part and I would put in pieces for her after asking her where they went.

Finally, when she gained enough control of her hands and fingers, she started to put them in herself with me helping her 60% of the time.

By the time she was 2, she could put the whole thing together herself. Now she has one big floor puzzle, two puzzle books and a small 6-piece puzzle. But these two puzzles are still her favourites.

The story of the hatching eggs.

The rainbow comes after the rain.

Note: Putting together jigsaws helps kids develop patience and problem solving skills.

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