Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It works!

Second week postpartum.

The Baby Whisperer works! My daughter sleeps almost 16 hours every day, so she's not on the EASY schedule yet. But the breastfeeding advice really made things so much easier. With my first daughter, I couldn't get her to latch on properly, and ended up pumping and feeding her with a bottle. It worked at the time, but compared to now, it was so much hassle. The pump had to be washed, the bottles had to be washed, and I was constantly in pain because of engorgement.

Now that I am feeding directly from the breast, it is sooooo much easier. I just feed her every 2 hours, no washing of bottles, no sterilising! Although I will have to wean her onto the bottle once I start work, at least the first couple of months will be easier.

I am also doing the "pick up, put down" method from the Baby Whisperer. I don't constantly hold my baby. When she cries, I will pick her up and comfort her, and when she's calm, I put her down. I do it as many times as it takes (sometimes I pick up and put down 5 or 6 times in a row) to calm and comfort her. This method enables the baby to be more independent, and makes it easier for me down the road.

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