Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hover Hover

Do you hover over your kid, afraid she'll hit her head, or trip, or accidentally disappear through a crack in the floor? Don't!

While it is common sense to watch out for danger signs, like not letting her walk down the stairs on her own before she's steady, or not leaving a baby on the sofa, or not letting her near hot water, there is a time to let go.

It fosters confidence in your child. Now that Angel is steady on her feet and knows not to jump on the sofa when there are no adults around, I pretty much let her be. I do keep a watchful eye of course, but usually from a distance.

She can use the scissors quite well now, so I do let her cut paper on her own, with me a few feet away. I don't interfere unless she asks me to. This is good for her and me, she gets free rein to test her cutting skills, and I use that precious 5 minutes to read my magazine.

If grandparents are around, you may find not hovering a bit difficult, for in their minds, everything is dangerous for their precious grandchild. I have left Angel on the sofa watching TV while I went to the kitchen for a drink, only to find upon my return her grandma sitting down next to her and holding her firmly. I have also gone upstairs with Angel trailing behind, and suddenly her grandma is right behind her.

I have spoken up on a few occassions. I just say that it's ok, she knows not to jump on the sofa, or she knows to hold the handrails when walking up the stairs. In my most frustrated moments, I have even said, If she jumps, and she falls, then she'll learn not to do it next time. Leave her be!

They won't listen, but say it anyway. How else is your kid going to learn not to jump on the sofa? How else will she learn that if she holds a heavy cup with just one hand like mommy, the cup will fall and break and water will spill everywhere? How will she learn to trust herself?

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