Monday, September 15, 2008


I brought Angel for her first storytelling session on Saturday. I wanted to ease her into a group/classroom environment with other kids around, to prepare her for pre-school next year.

As expected, she was very shy around the kids. There were crayons and paper for the kids to draw on before the session started, but she was too afraid of the other kids to draw at the table. This is the kid who would shout at the top of her voice for her me to "draw with me please, mooooooommmmy" at home. So we drew on the floor, a few safe feet away from the other kids.

When the storytelling started, she had this trapped look on her face, on the verge of crying. She asked me to take her outside. I told her the auntie is telling a really nice story and mommy would like to listen. She agreed for a while, clinging to me for dear life. She did manage to listen to two stories, then I think she reached her limit. Now close to sobbing, she asked me to take her to "Ikano, to eat cake." That was what I had promised her, that after the session, I will take her to the nice cafe downstairs and eat cake. But apparently she wanted to be as far away from the storytelling place as possible, so Ikano it was.

I asked her if I could take her outside for a while and then come back and hear another story. "No!" she said. "I want to go for a long time!"

And so ended the storytelling session.

We ended up at the mall, her comfort zone.

I have officially succeeded in bringing up a shopping mall kid.

More attempts next week. Piano class maybe?

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