Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My brain has turned to mush...

from watching Barney! Introducing Barney to my daughter was never on my to-do list, but if there is one thing you cannot control, it's the gifts people want to give your child. A friend (well-intentioned, blah blah) gave her a Barney DVD as a gift and I stashed it away for the longest time, for she was on a staple diet of Baby Einsteins at the time.
Oh, there is also another thing you cannot control, especially when you are a working mom and subject to the mercies of the GRANDPARENTS/BABYSITTERS/NANNIES. One day I came home from work and found my daughter playing her toys with Barney playing in the background. She wasn't actively watching yet at this stage (she was just 1 and a bit), but it has started!
So now, a year or so later, my daughter is a certified Barney addict!
I have to admit though, that it isn't all bad. It's mostly good, actually. She learnt a lot of songs from that darned purple dinosaur.
And the saving grace came yesterday. She reenacted a whole song and dance sequence from Barney, complete with props, facial expressions, actions and a whole slew of mispronounced but accurate sounding words!
She is also fascinated by the kids on Barney, always asking me why they say this and that. She will ask me why the boy is sad, and I will say 'Maybe his mommy scolded him? Or 'maybe he fell down before?' Then I will ask her the next time, 'Why do you think he's sad?' Sometimes she will repeat my answers, sometimes she will make things up on her own.
That is the writer mom in me. I haven't read any books yet on nurturing the writer in her, although I have one on the way to me, but I figured this is not a bad way to get her started thinking creatively.
I don't think TV is bad for kids; I grew up watching a LOT of TV. I just have to ensure the quality of the program she watches, and try as much as possible to watch them with her.
Well worth my brain turning to mush, don't you think?

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