Monday, September 22, 2008

Angel is going to school!

I just enrolled her in preschool and I am so excited!

She on the other hand, just wants to know whether her school has a swimming pool (check!) and a playground(check!). I had expected to go look at 10 different school before deciding on one, but it was the one and only that I saw and I loved it!

The teachers are nice and friendly. The classes are small (only 20 in her year). The facilities are new and clean. The kids have half an hour's recess, during which they will eat and play at the playground.

I wish I can go with her...

Finding the right preschool is half the battle won. Now I gotta think seriously about teaching her at home too. I would like to be able to teach her to read and write myself, to supplement her preschool education. I've been reading up on that. Just need to get my lazy butt moving and actually practise what I've learnt. There are not enough hours in the day!

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