Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It arrived!

The DVD I ordered from Amazon arrived today! Stranger Safety. Took 10 days, not too bad. I watched it with my daughter straight away. It is about child safety, teaching them to be streetsmart. The DVD says for 4 years and above. My daughter's turning 3 this year, but her language grasp is good, so I decided there is no harm in letting her watch it.
The DVD uses the Safeside Superchick as the narrator, which makes it fun for the kiddies. My daughter enjoyed watching the actress with her funny antics. Some important lessons came through.
The movie(42 minutes) talks about people who are Safeside adults (people the kid can trust to take care of them no matter what), Kinda knows (people the kid may know, but cannot trust completely) and the Don't Knows (self explanatory.)
While watching the show, I asked my daughter to list down her Safeside adults. The DVD leaves this open, so I was free to do up a list of safe adults with her. Then I asked her about her Kinda Knows. She sort of grasps the concept, so I will watch the video a few more times with her and wait for her to understand it completely. For now, I just tell her it's people that she may have seen and know, like Uncle Neighbour, or the adults she sees at the playground with other kids, or mommy's and daddy's friends, but they are not her safe adults. She seems to understand that.
I love this DVD. The Safeside Superchick is a bit over the top, but my daughter finds her amusing, so no complaints. The important thing is to get the message of being safe across.
The movie presents several scenarios and teaches the kid what to do in each:
-when your sports coach comes and tries to tell you your mom is sick and has asked him to take you home
-when a strange man asks your name
-when your daddy's friend wants to show you something special but it's a secret

It also talks about your personal space; if someone gets too close to your personal space, and you feel uncomfortable, get away and go to your safe adult.

I like that it teaches the kids how to react in different situations.

Best feature: the safe adults list and the kinda knows list.
My generation was brought up to be blindly obedient to all adults, especially the ones we know, which is dangerous, considering most sexual abuse situations are perpetuated by adults the kids know.

Definitely a must for parents who want to teach their kids to be street smart and safe.

*The DVD was created by John Walsh, of America's Most Wanted, who lost his son tragically, and Julie Clark, of the Baby Einstein fame.

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