Friday, August 22, 2008

Bringing up Angel

There sure are a lot of instructions out there on how to bring up a kid. The only problem is they are not customised to my kid. I wade through reviews on the net and spend hours browsing at bookstores to find just the right books. Word of mouth helps: if someone tells me a particular book helped her, then I will check it out. The books/methods I write about are not the absolute standard in Supermom 101, but I have tried them and found out they work, or are utterly irrelevant to my situation.
These are the books that I have purchased/read over the last three year. I call them child nurture books. Some nurture her body, some her intellect, others her emotional intellect, and social skills. Some are still sitting on the shelf...
Brain Child by Tony Buzan (the first child nurture book I read, quite brilliant)
Teach Your Child How To Think by Edward de Bono (looks too technical, have yet to read)
Seven Times Smarter by Laurel Schmidt (After I bought it, I realised it was for older, school-going kids, so KIV)
Healthy Child, Whole Child by Stuart H Ditchek and Russell H Greenfield (all about a holistic approach to nutrition and healthcare for your baby, informative and great for parents who want to be 'greener'.
Einstein Never Used Flash Cards by Hirsh-Pasek and Golinkoff (debunking the myth of flash cards breeding super geniuses, halfway through it. I only bought this after my mom had given me an expensive set of flash cards, which I have used on my baby. More about that in another post. Both, flash cards and this book, have their merits, and it provided a middle ground for me. More when I finish reading the book.)
The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child
Games With Books
How To Teach Your Baby Math
How To Teach Your Baby To Read
How to Give Your Baby Encyclopaedic Knowledge
etc etc

AND I have also bought scores of children's books for my daughter, some of which she enjoyed, and some she used as chew toys. The Karen Katz series was her favourite, until she discovered Dr Seuss. She also has various titles that my sister carted back from the States for her and my mother bought: I Love You Through and Through, Mother May I?. Danny Duck, etc. I chose each book based on the font (typeface?), the way the pictures are drawn and the story. Babies' eyes cannot handle fonts that are too small or pictures that are too complicated. So most of these books have simple straightforward illustrations and large bold fonts. More on that in another post...

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